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Moonlight Grapes pendant
Cigarette Holders Silver
Cigarette Holders Silver
Anette Silverplate
Medallion, Danish silver flatware
Baby pushes Silver

A. Michelsen
Melon Set 1885 Silver

A. Michelsen
Baronet Silverplate
Letter Knife silver
Gitte Silverplate
Helene Silver Plate
Paris Flatware (Baltica)
Manicure set silver, 4 different parts
Dahl Jensen figurine, House Sparrow
Ornamental Pate serving part # 71 Georg Jensen
Star (Stjerne) Silverplate
Pia Silverplate
Harlequin SilverPlate flatware
Riberhus Silverplate cutlery
Carving English Silverplate
Candlesticks Round base, Sterling Silver
Candlesticks Round base, Silver
Bing & Grondahl Figurine, Stoneware, Sparrow.
Candlesticks square base, Silver
Candlesticks round base, Silver
Galla Silverplate
Silver cutlery in Art Nouveau
Cactus cutlery set, 112 parts
Half-ship "Copenhagen" Denmark's largest 5 masted bark.
6 pers English flatware Sterling Silver
Salt Spoons in silver plate and stainless steel, in various patterns
Salt Spoons in silver different patterns
Antique Silverplate
Dagny Silverplate
Farina Silverplate
Hindsgavl Silverplate
Louise Silverplate
Silver Cutlery Hand made to 12 Persons
Ambrosius Silverplate
Diplomat Silverplate
Cheri Silverplate
Jette Silverplate
King bridge (Kongebro) Silverplate
Margit Silverplate
Hertha Silverplate
Minerva (No. 24) Silver Plate
Crown Pattern Silverplate
Anne Marie Silverplate
Fairytale spoons, silver
Fairytale Child Spoons Silver
Fairytale Child Forks Silver
Bing & Grondahl Figurine, Sparrow with young
Child Silver flatware
Diamond Silverplate cutlery
Raadvad Steel Flatware with Rosewood handle.
Abert Color cutlery

Desiree Silverplate flatware
Sparta Silver flatware
1 Bar Set, Sterling Silver

Sextus Silverplate Flatware
Double Ribbed Silverplate
Columbine Silver Plate
Empire Silverplate
Eranthis Silverplate
Excellence Silverplate
French Lily Silverplate Flatware
Hellas Silverplate Flatware
Snirkel Silverplate Flatware
Fairytale Child Knife Silver
Palmet Silver Flatware
Beautiful Dahl Jensen Figurine, Woodpecker
Double fluted (Dobbeltriflet) silver, 12 Dessert Spoons
Saxon Silver Flatware, For 12 persons
RC Blue Fluted Full lace, with Gold Candlesticks
Copenhagen (København) Porcelain Silver Flatware
Kent Silver Flatware
Juliane Marie Silver Flatware
Freya (Freja) Silverplate Flatware
King Light (Kongelys) Silverplate Flatware
Funka Silverplate Flatware
Naked Virgin

Chippendale Silver cutlery

Major Silverplate Flatware
Royal Copenhagen Partridge
Flower girl made of patinated bronze
Boy with accordion made of patinated bronze
Coffee service, Three Tower Silver
Venice Silver plate,
Capri Silverplate cutlery
Royal Copenhagen Christmas Plate 1914, Sparrows in the tree in front of a Lit Church window
Auguste Moreau, 1834-1917,
Patinated sculpture in painted zinc.
Auguste Moreau, 1834-1917,
Patinated sculpture in painted zinc.
Silver-plated flatware
Royal Copehagen Hvedkorn, Plat de Manege
Hyazint glass
Bing & Grondahl Lamp, Motiv: Coastal Party
Bing & Grøndahl Figure, Partridge
Rosenholm, Danish silver cutlery,
Frederik. VIII (8) Silver Flatware
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